Principal's Welcome

Goodwood High School (G.H.S.) is located in the Windward side of the beautiful island of Tobago. It houses a staff population of approximately fifty (50) highly qualified and dedicated teachers and auxiliary staff and approximately four hundred (400) focused and intelligent students.

Over the years, the overall academic performance of G.H.S. has continued to increase exponentially demonstrating outstanding performances in the Social Sciences and Languages areas. Many other areas have continued to improve steadily. This academic consistency and prowess led to G.H.S. being the first school in the Windward district to offer the Caribbean Advanced-Level Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) line of studies. Additionally, a number of students were able to attain qualifications to be awarded Diplomas and Associate Degrees from the Caribbean Examinations Council.


G.H.S. has also performed quite well in the area of sports. A few years ago, they were one of the youngest schools to qualify to participate in the Championship Division of the Secondary School Football League. Out of these teams, two (2) players would have gone on to represent Trinidad and Tobago at the National Level, both in Senior and Youth teams. They have also been worthy opponents in Cricket and performed creditably when they fielded a team. This has led to the production of at least one (1) former player who being called to play at the National Level. Track and Field continues to be one of the areas that has brought consistent positive results for them, whereby many of the school's athletes, after performing well at the island-level and then proceed to do well at the national level.

Quite undoubtedly, G.H.S. has become known, both nationally and internationally for their prowess in the area of the Arts. They have one of the better music development programs in the island and proudly possess a full steelpan band. Many other individual students have keenly taken up the opportunities to learn to play other instruments, including violin, flute, trumpet and piano. They also possess a full-voice choir, out of which a number of soloists have gone on to be a contestant in the Tobago Music Festival. Visual Arts is also an area of strength for G.H.S., with many current and former students having the potential and in some cases realising this potential to become full-fledged artists. Many organisations have called on both staff members and students to assist with producing a number of insignia, backgrounds, banners and posters throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Additionally, a number of awards have been wrought from pieces done by students of G.H.S. In the area of Theatre/Performing Arts (Drama), much can be said for G.H.S. They have been Champions at the Tobago Drama Festival on a number of occasions and continue to lead Tobago in their performance in the CXC Theatre Arts Examinations. Some students have also gone on to be part of professional drama organisations, while others have gone on to further their studies in this area. G.H.S. also proudly hosts their Annual Concert and Fashion Show, the first of its kind in Tobago. This event is hosted solely by school personnel as many of them have been duly trained in the areas of stage management, lighting engineering/effects, sound engineering, event management and other areas related to these.

G.H.S. has also become known for their performance in a number of extra and co-curricula areas. They have time and time again, copped the top along with many other prizes in the Annual Tobago Science Expo. Additionally, they have achieved awards numerous other competitions, including Environmental Competitions, Essay-Writing, Poetry-Writing, Sciences Quizzes, Debating, Spelling-B's and many more.

All in all, Goodwood High School is a most desired place to be for anyone. This websites presents only a partial picture an so we encourage you to contact us and feel free to visit us for any further information.

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School Song

Exhortation to Goodwood High School

This school as a beacon must always shine;

Create, display and maintain such design.

Our goals enshrined, we will pursue

Diligently, assiduously, consistently our duty through.


Goodwood High, motivate and edify.

All our dreams, trust in God to realize.

Goodwood High, recognize our limit is the sky.

Team players, we have an important part:

To work sincerely and perform from the heart.

Let’s move on together, our mission true,

Educating, facilitating, motivating our students too.

This great institution is bound for fame.

Assent, exhort yourself to stage this claim.

With pride we strive for excellence in our achievement.

Discipline yields, discipline nurtures, discipline yields development.